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I am a Senior Survey Statistician at Abt SRBI, a survey research company, and an Adjunct Professor at Department of Statistics, University of Missouri, Columbia.

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E-mail me: kolenikovs at missouri dot edu.
If you have Stata-related questions (such as the ones on polychoric or confa packages), you will very likely be better off asking them on statalist or StackOverflow.


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Structural equation modeling: asymptotic theory, misspecified models, estimation and testing.

  • Kolenikov, S. (2011) Bias of parameter estimates in misspecified structural equation models. Early view in Sociological Methodology. Working paper version.
  • Savalei, V., and Kolenikov, S. (2008). Constrained Versus Unconstrained Estimation in Structural Equation Modeling. Psychological Methods, 13(2), pp 150--170. doi: 10.1037/1082-989X.13.2.150
  • Kolenikov, S., and Bollen, K. Testing Negative Error Variances: Is a Heywood Case a Symptom of Misspecification? Working paper, conditionally accepted (Sociological Methods and Research).
  • Kolenikov, S., and Bollen, K. Unified treatment of the least squares and instrumental variable estimation methods for structural equation models using generalized method of moments. Working paper.
  • Yuan, Y, and Kolenikov, S. Empirical likelihood estimation and testing in structural equation models. Working paper, submitted.
  • Kolenikov, S., Zaniletti, I., and Wood, P. K. Informative attrition in longitudinal models: A structural equation model of college student dropout. Work in progress.
  • Kolenikov, S., and Bollen, K. Generalized method of moment estimation in latent variable models. Work in progress.
  • NSF grant: Structural Misspecification in Latent Variable Models: Symptoms, Consequences, and Diagnostic Tests. Collaborative research with Kenneth Bollen.
  • SEM diagrams with Graphviz.

Survey statistics: design-based inference, resampling methods


  • Kolenikov, S., and Nichols, A. A failure of two-way cluster-robust standard errors. Work in progress.
  • A multinomial logit model with partial information on categories. Work in progress.

Economics: income distribution

Statistical programming: Stata software

  • confa package: confirmatory factor analysis. Type
    . findit confa
    in Stata to download. Fully documented as:

    Kolenikov, S. (2009) Confirmatory factor analysis using confa, Stata Journal, 9 (3), 329--373 (click here to access).

  • bsweights package: bootstrap weights for complex surveys. Type
    . findit bsweights
    in Stata to download. Fully documented as: Kolenikov, S. (2010) Resampling variance estimation for complex survey data. Stata Journal, 10(2), 165--199. Full text.
  • Scrambling Halton sequences, under review. See source code.
  • Other packages: type
    . net from
    to find out more.

Statistics in the Social Sciences: Current Methodological Developments

This is the book that I edited, jointly with Doug Steinley and Lori Thombs. It is based on the invited talks at 2006 Winemiller symposium. It was published by Wiley in February 2010.

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Bootstrap for complex surveys

Continuing education short course given at the Joint Statistical Meetings, Washington, DC, 2009.

Stat 3500: Intorduction to Probability and Statistics II

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Stat 4310/7310: Sampling

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Stat 4710/7710: Introduction to Probability Theory

This is a non-proof calculus-based course for engineering majors. The website starts here: basic description, syllabus, success tips, student testimonials.

Stat 9370: Multivariate Analysis

The course is roughly based on a combination of Mardia-Kent-Bibby + Rencher books, plus small bits of Anderson, plus structural equation models, plus various papers.
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Stat 9100.3: Analysis of Complex Survey Data

The course is based on a mix of Thompson (1997), Chaudhuri & Stenger (2005), Chambers & Skinner (2003), Korn & Graubard (1999), and selected papers. See syllabus for more information. Draft of the syllabus Lecture notes

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Readings for the Winter 2007 semester: PDF
February 5, 2007: Misspecified models (by Stas Kolenikov)

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